3.3.3 Members of the multidisciplinary team for cancer of unknown primary

The MDT should comprise the core disciplines that are integral to providing good care. Team membership will vary according to cancer type but should reflect both clinical and psychosocial aspects of care. Additional expertise or specialist services may be required for some patients (Department of Health 2007a).

Team members may include a:

  • care coordinator (as determined by MDT members)*
  • medical oncologist*
  • pathologist*
  • radiologist*
  • surgeon*
  • nurse (with appropriate expertise)*
  • radiation oncologist*
  • social worker*
  • clinical trials coordinator
  • dietitian
  • GP
  • psychologist
  • nuclear medicine physician
  • occupational therapist
  • specialist palliative care team member(s)
  • pharmacist
  • physiotherapist
  • psychiatrist
  • rehabilitation physician
  • speech therapist.

* Core members of the MDT are expected to attend most MDT meetings either in person or remotely.