4.2.3 Targeted therapies and immunotherapy

Targeted therapies are the preferred treatment approach in all patients with TP53 mutation or del(17p) and can be considered in other patient subgroups:

  • time-limited therapy with the combination of venetoclax plus obinutuzumab – for patients with a cumulative illness rating scale (Al-Sawaf et 2020) score of 6 or above or patients with impaired renal function
  • continuous treatment with Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitors, including ibrutinib (Burger et al. 2015) and acalabrutinib (Sharman et al. 2020), until disease progression or intolerance.

The funding status of various treatment approaches is dynamic and prescribers should ensure familiarity with eligibility criteria and discuss any financial implications of all treatment recommendations with patients prior to treatment initiation.