Expert working group (previous edition)

Expert working group (previous edition)

Alexandra Philpott, Project Manager –Optimal Care Pathways

Dr Niall Corcoran, Urologist, The Royal Melbourne and Frankston hospitals, The University of Melbourne, Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre Epworth (Chair)

Ms Jenni Bourke, Occupational Therapist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Ms Elise Davies, Manager Cancer Strategy and Development, Department of Health, Victoria

Ms Dianne Jones, Urology Nurse, West Gippsland Healthcare Group

Dr Daryl Lim Joon, Radiation Oncologist, Austin Health

Mr Paul Kearns, Urologist, Barwon Health and Portland District Hospital

Dr David Pook, Medical Oncologist, Cabrini Hospital and Monash Cancer Centre

Mr John Preston, consumer representative

Ms Elena Schiena, Social Worker, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Mr Shomik Sengupta, Urologist, Austin Health

Professor Robert Thomas, Chief Advisor on Cancer, Department of Health, Victoria

Associate Professor Justin Tse, Director Medical Student Education, St Vincent’s Clinical School, The University of Melbourne; General Practitioner

Associate Professor Scott Williams, Radiation Oncologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, The University of Melbourne

Dr Addie Wootten, Clinical Psychologist, Director of Clinical and Allied Health Research, Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre Epworth; Department of Urology, The Royal Melbourne Hospital