STEP 5: Care after initial treatment and recovery

Provide a treatment and follow-up summary to the patient, family and/or carer and GP outlining:

  • the diagnosis, including tests performed and results
  • treatment received (types and date)
  • current toxicities (severity, management and expected outcomes)
  • interventions and treatment plans from other health professionals
  • potential long-term and late effects of treatment and care of these
  • supportive care services provided
  • a follow-up schedule, including tests required and timing
  • contact information for key healthcare providers who can offer support for lifestyle modification
  • a process for rapid re-entry to medical services for suspected recurrence.


The lead clinician’s responsibilities include:

  • explaining the treatment summary and follow-up care plan to the patient, family and/or carer
  • informing the patient, family and/or carer about secondary prevention and healthy living
  • discussing the follow-up care plan with the patient’s GP.


  • Treatment and follow-up summary provided to the patient, family and/or carer and the patient’s GP
  • Supportive care needs assessed and referrals to allied health services actioned as required
  • Patient referred to support services (such as Camp Quality, Cancer Council, Canteen, Leukaemia Foundation and Redkite) as required
  • Patient-reported outcome measures recorded