2.2 Assessments by the general practitioner

2.2 Assessments by the general practitioner

Depending on the presenting symptoms and risk factors, the general practitioner examinations include the following.

Where there is suspicion of pancreatic cancer, consider:

  • an abdominal CT scan with pancreatic protocol
  • serum CA 19-9 and liver function tests
  • early referral (strongly indicated), usually prior to a definitive diagnosis being made.

Where jaundice is present, the following should be performed urgently:

  • liver function tests
  • abdominal ultrasound
  • CT where appropriate.

An abnormal result should be discussed face to face with the patient and information provided.

Patients who present with jaundice should be referred for tests within 48 hours and followed up rapidly.

Other symptoms require review within two weeks (NICE 2015).