3.2 Staging

3.2 Staging

Staging is a critical element in treatment planning and should be clearly documented in the patient’s medical record.

Staging for lung cancer involves these tests:

  • CT scans of the chest and upper abdomen in all cases, and imaging (can be MRI) of the brain in some cases (the scan results should be reported in accordance with the tumour/node/metastasis [TNM] staging system)
  • PET-CT scans where curative treatment is being considered
  • assessment by a surgeon with thoracic/lung cancer expertise, in cases where curative treatment is being considered.

Imaging and/or pathological confirmation of the most advanced site of disease may be required. The final pathological TNM stage is defined by pathological assessment after surgery.

More information

Visit the Cancer Institute New South Wales website for information about understanding the stages of cancer.