Expert working group (previous edition)

Expert working group (previous edition)

Professor Mark Rosenthal (Chair), Director of Medical Oncology, Melbourne Health

Ms Luisa Barassi, Nurse and Brain Tumour Research Coordinator, Melbourne Health

Dr Lawrence Cher, Neuro-oncologist, Epworth Hospital, Austin Health

Ms Emma Daly, Neuro-oncology Clinical Nurse Consultant, Cabrini Health

Professor Gavin Davis, Neurosurgeon, Austin Health, Cabrini Health

Dr Anthony Dowling, Medical Oncologist, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Associate Professor Kate Drummond, Neurosurgeon, Melbourne Health

Mrs Marilyn Dolling, consumer representative, OCP Steering Committee, Cancer Action Victoria

Dr Ronnie Freilich, Neuro-oncologist, Cabrini Health, Monash Health

Dr Frank Gaillard, Neuroradiologist, Melbourne Health

Associate Professor Hui Gan, Medical Oncologist, Austin Health

Associate Professor Alex Holmes, Consultant Psychiatrist, Melbourne Health, The University of Melbourne

Dr Gautam Khurana, Neurosurgeon, CNS Neurosurgery

Ms Dianne Legge, Brain Tumour Support Coordinator, Austin Health

Dr Zarnie Lwin, Medical Oncologist, Senior Lecturer, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, The University of Queensland

Associate Professor Jennifer Philip, Deputy Director of Palliative Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Ms Jan Quiney, Senior Clinician Physiotherapist, Neuroscience Centre, Melbourne Health

Ms Jane Staker, Neuro-Oncology Nurse Coordinator, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Professor Robert Thomas, Chief Advisor on Cancer, Department of Health and Human Services