Expert working group (previous edition)

Expert working group (previous edition)

Associate Professor Peter Grant (Chair), Head, Gynaecological Oncology, Mercy Hospital for Women

Dr Vivek Arora, Gynaecological Oncologist, The Royal Women’s Hospital and Western Health

Dr Marion Harris, Director, Monash Familial Cancer Centre

Dr Mahesh Iddawela, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Goulburn Valley Health; Clinical Director, West Hume Integrated Cancer Centre

Ms Heather Jordan, Senior Dietitian, Western Health

Dr Pearly Khaw, Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Dr Samuel Leung, Radiation Oncologist, Radiation Oncology Victoria

Ms Gen Lishenko, CNC Oncology Nurse, Mercy Hospital for Women

Ms Kathryn Marshall, consumer representative

Ms Anne Mellon, Gynaecological Oncology Clinical Nurse Consultant, John Hunter Hospital, Secretary Cancer Nurses Society Australia

Associate Professor Orla McNally, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist, Director of Gynaecological Oncology and Dysplasia Unit, The Royal Women’s Hospital, The University of Melbourne

Ms Nicola Quin, Head of Division, Strategy and Support, Cancer Council Victoria

Dr Karen Talia, Pathologist, Eastern Health

Professor Robert Thomas, Chief Advisor on Cancer, Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria

Ms Alexandra Viner, Project Manager, Optimal Care Pathways, Cancer Council Victoria

Ms Danielle Cantlon, Project Officer, Optimal Care Pathways, Cancer Council Victoria