6.4 Palliative care

6.4 Palliative care

Early referral to palliative care can improve the quality of life for people with cancer and, in some cases, may be associated with survival benefits (Haines 2011; Temel et al. 2010; Zimmermann et al. 2014).

The lead clinician should ensure timely and appropriate referral to palliative care services. Referral to palliative care services should be based on need, not prognosis.

Women should be encouraged to develop an advance care plan (AHMAC 2011).

Ensure the needs and preferences of the person’s family and carers are assessed and directly inform support and guidance about their role (Palliative Care Australia 2018).

Begin discussions with the woman and her carer about her preferred place of death.

Further information

Refer patients and carers to Palliative Care Australia